Is Your Medical Scheduling Software A Heartbeat Away From Flatlining?

With the current health care reform bill rapidly fading into the twilight of the infamous "what could have been" category, I thought I would attempt to get some feedback from health care professionals on what the future may hold in regards to some of the behind the scene logistics, updates and changes that will inevitably face us as the bill becomes law. In particular: Medical Scheduling Software.

One of the easiest to overlook aspects of this whole debate is the disastrous shape our current medical records and administrative applications are being controlled, maintained and administered. Will the current bill do what the hypocratic oath that our loyal health care professionals take before they even begin to treat patients demands? To "First Do No Harm."? Or is this a sleeper cell of administrative terror waiting to strike? Perhaps time will tell but I think it is an item worth discussing and perhaps enabling many to look at this crisis as exactly that, a crisis.

If something as simple as upgrading Medical Scheduling Software is going to throw a monkey wrench into this whole "operation" - what happens when we begin to update and upgrade all the other administrative programs and data banks that hold so much precious information and deliver such vital statistics day after day on a massive scale?

Perhaps I am over thinking this. Perhaps these are frivoulous concerns. Perhaps congress already has a plan built into the enourmous volumes of health care reform speak that ironicly deliver such little relief, Without painting this discussion with my own political point of view but to simply make an observation....I have to say, I have my doubts much thought was give to such minute details.

From my perspective, the solution to this national shame and quite honestly embarrisng issue was such a simple and obvious solution, However in their deftly skilled manner congress has once again somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Our elected officials chose to turn what should have been a slam dunk, or what doctors call a "routine procedure" - into a case for malpractice!

Anyway, I would love to hear your feedback. If perhaps there are some health care providers that may shed some light on this issue that would be an added bonus. Let us know what you think. Looking forward to your thoughts!

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 8, 2010

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